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Our pool cage cleaning company can help you out! We’ll make that pool cage spotless, providing you with a relaxing, clean place to swim and spend your free time.

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A professional pool cage cleaning service can really breathe new life into your swimming pool area! After all, no one wants to go for a swim when the pool cage is covered with grime, dirt, and maybe even dead bugs. Letting the experts at Kyle’s A1 Pressure Washing clean this pool cage sure beats doing the work on your own, and there are a variety of reasons for that. First and foremost, we’ve already got the right equipment for the job. Our suite of pressure washing equipment does wonders, making even the filthiest surfaces as good as new again. Secondly, our team is on the clock and doing their job, so why not let them clean the pool cage instead of sacrificing your free time? Finally, while we’re cleaning your pool cage, you’re free to take off and do something else in the meantime. We’ll just call you when we’re done! How convenient is that? A clean pool cage, and you didn’t even have to lift a finger!


So, what is your pool cage made of? The material of your pool cage is what’ll determine the way we wash it, after all. For example, pool cages made of a thin metal mesh can be pressure washed without any concerns. Glass pool cages, on the other hand, would break if subjected to full-force pressurized water. We’ll gently spray these down with lower pressure water instead. We’ll also be sure to filter this water with our reverse osmosis (RO) system. That way, it is 100% mineral-free, meaning that once the glass pool cage wash is done, there is no residue left behind. It’s the only way to get the cleanest glass possible!

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Aluminum Pool
Cage Cleaning

Need aluminum pool cage cleaning? We can help with this project, even when it requires the removal of rust. A special rust removal agent is part of our arsenal, so we can treat rust stains ahead of time, let the chemical sit, and wash it all away. This treatment is 100% safe, so put those worries to rest!

Glass Pool
Cage Cleaning

As stated above, glass pool cage cleaning has to be done in a particular way to avoid any damage. By using gentle, filtered water, we avoid the possibility of any cracks or dents. It’s a similar process to the one we use when faced with windows.

Polycarbonate Pool Cage Cleaning

We want to help you with polycarbonate pool cage cleaning! We’re so excited to serve you, in fact, that we’ll be there on time, equipped with all the tools we need for the job. All it takes is a thorough spraying to make those polycarbonate walls clean. We can even wash the pool deck for you, too.

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If you thought pool cage pressure washing was the only way we could help you, think again. At Kyle’s A1 Pressure Washing, there is no shortage of opportunities for us to make your life better. For instance, if you’re having us clean your residential pool cage, you may want to consider our house pressure washing, too. That way, your home can look fantastic to match the pool cage. On the other hand, if you’re having a pool cage washed somewhere such as a hotel or rental property, try our commercial pressure washing! We love helping local property managers and business owners make their areas shine. It helps bring in more business, don’t you know!

The bottom line is that no matter who you are and no matter where you are in the Tampa Area, we’re interested in being at your service. So don’t wait. If you need our assistance, ask for it today. There are two ways to get started: just contact us online or call us at (813) 294-2115. We can’t wait to meet you! Just keep our hours of operation in mind. We are open Monday through Sunday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. That’s seven days a week, meaning it’s never a bad day to reach out to us!

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